Returning to Real Life

I returned from Cabo just 2 days ago and while I ate my lunch at my desk, feeling groggy, I started thinking of all I would have had accomplished if I was in Cabo right now.  I loved being there and felt at home there, but I was happy to be back in my real life.  I was anxious to start living my life as happy as I was on vacation.   I mean why shouldn’t we always feel like that?  Why do I have to wait for a few days off in paradise to remember that I can be happy? I control every bit of my life and for periods of time I seem to forget that.  I was brought up that I deserve to be happy and if you are not happy, get happy. I have watched my Father work hard all his lie and it’s hard for me to see that he is happy.  My mother has fooled us into thinking she is happy but is she really? I wanted to be happy and let it show through every inch of my glowing face and in every action and every day I wake up. I dread that is not reality, I dread that this is as good as it gets and how will I be able to live this way. Recently learning about the Big Bang Theory creates a renewed hope that my life will someday have a Big Bang where everything just it’s together. Feeling that way months ago makes the worry more tragic. It’s almost like feeling that first love and then it is taken away. Or when you have some savings for a rainy day and it rains car repairs and medical bills instead of rainbows and puppies. I needed to find my motivation, I checked a few things off my list and then decided to test a theory of my own. If I sit down for 30 minutes each day and spill my fears and hopes and all I want in and out of life I know that it will have to materialize soon.  I’m approaching 40 and I can see that clock ticking away each day I go to bed, almost like it is asking me what did you accomplish today.  I feel renewed after vacation and maybe my Big Bang will just be a little spark, but I will be sure to be paying attention when it happens and in the meantime I will create my own big ball of motivation the best way I know how, writing it down and making it happen.

1. Find something to be happy about each day.

2. Make a goal and reach it each day.

3.  Give thanks for what you have. (see featured picture – how can you not be thankful for a sweet loving creature like Leo?)