Taranto’s Pizzeria – Lewis Center – 10.29.15

I have picked up the Pizza Snob Social Club again after missing a few outings due to school and vacation.  I meet the guys for pizza last Thursday at a place I have passed probably a thousand times in the past few years. Located near the intersection of Polaris Parkway and Old State Road in Oak Creek Shopping Center, Taranto’s offers a cozy dining room.  When I walked in I immediately could smell the pizza cooking, what a wonderful smell. I joined the Club and caught up with the latest news of the day. We decided to order some appetizers upon our server;s suggestion and I went with the fried pickles, of course, and Dwayne ordered garlic bread with cheese.  The appetizers came out quick and tasted delicious. The pickles had a little kick, which was great, and the garlic bread was soft and buttery. Our final member of the night arrived and we got down to business – the Pizza Snob selections!

We ordered our 2 regular pizzas a meaty (Meaty Works) and a cheesy (5-Cheese) and then we threw in a wild card Buffalo Chicken on their original thin crust. We chatted some more while we waited or our slices and before we knew it they were there in front of us.  The appearance was great, puffy crust, golden brown cheese, toppings evenly spread.  we started in on each of our favorites and not much was said.  There was an “Oh this is good” and a “I think this may be better than the best we have had” and “so and so has a Buffalo pizza but this is 10 times better”. Overall, the pizza hit every mark, the service was great and the atmosphere was friendly, although I did detect “Silent night” playing in the background.

Taranto’s has a great menu and the prices are reasonable, especially for the quality of the food. They offer a few beers on draft, a few bottles, and, the server did say they should be getting wine soon, which would have made my experience better. We didn’t score this one, but I feel I speak for the others when I  say 4.5 stars all around!

Giammarco’s Pizza & Pasta – Westerville, Ohio – 5.14.15

This past Thursday the Pizza Snobs attended their 6th outing at Giammarco’s Pizza & Pasta in Westerville.  Tucked away in its own little garden of Eden Giammarco’s sits off Rt 3 just beyond the battling strip malls on the corners of Maxtown and Polaris Parkway. Away from the hustle and bustle we decided to enjoy the vast patio equipped with a live 2 man band, lush greenery, bocce and TV’s to keep an eye on the Cavs. As our group rapidly grew from 5 to 8 we became “those people” who moved from table to table, rearranged chairs and even made the staff wheel, or drag until she discovered the wheels (haha), the outdoor heating elements closer to warm the shoulders of Shawnee, Fernando & Dwayne. This was an epic event as we welcomed 5 new Snobs.

Describing our server as “great” wouldn’t do Sam justice, she was excellent, attentive, funny, and quite accommodating with our complicated orders and check split by 7.  Sam was top-notch just like the rest of the staff. Our bartender Cali was quick with wine suggestions and tastings, she even stopped by the table to make sure everything was going great. The manager Joe, we assumed due to his authoritative attire and friendly table check, ordered dessert for the table.  Even though we were stuffed with pizza it was hard to say no to warm fried dough covered in sugar dipped in chocolate, I’m pretty sure we all took home a few sweet treats for breakfast this morning.

The true test was the pizza.  Shawnee, self-proclaimed local, suggested the Traditional which was square cut and by far won the majority vote. While the group enjoyed the onions and sausage and I think peppers, Teresa and I settled on our old standbys, mushroom & bacon, and Margherita pizzas, pie cut. I usually love the Margherita wherever I go but tonight my heart went with the mushroom & bacon on a thinner crust, which Sam helped us pick out. The sauce was flavorful, the cheese melted and the toppings were cooked but not over cooked, an important task when dealing with fresh mushrooms. The crust was doughy yet crispy in all the right places. Overall the pizza was great. PSSC ranked them an overall 4.7, the highest rating so far.

As we discussed our reasons behind each score, mixed with side conversations about wine, ex-boyfriends, the Cavs and new adventures I felt some new life was put back into our snobbish club, it was a true social club.  I feel I can speak for our President and Vice President when I say that this outing is what they saw when starting Pizza Snob Social Club. New friends, old friends, pizza, and love.

Dewey’s Pizza – Olde Worthington, Oh – 4.30.15

Thursday April 30, 2015 marked out 5th outing for Pizza Snob Social Club.  We visited Dewey’s and due to the low turn out we decided to sit at the bar. The bartender, Justin, was really great.  He was patient and attentive and sad to say was the best part of the trip. We ordered our usual spread, a meat pizza, a specialty, a cheese and a wild card.  The Margherita pizza was by far the favorite due to the buttery garlic sauce on the pie. CD ordered the Bronx Bomber and Teresa modified it a little (without some of the veggies AKA meat pizza with mushrooms).  We all kind of laughed when the pizza arrived. The Bronx Bomber looked sad, the raw veggies didn’t stay on the pizza since the dough wasn’t thick enough to hold the weight.  The modified pie was a different story we liked the bacon crumbles and the mushrooms, but there was still something missing from all the pies.

The service was on par.  Justin was great and even the manager, I presume, helped our 3 croutons on a split salad dilemma and brought a few out for us. The atmosphere was good too, the dining room had enough space and accommodated the guests well. Overall the PSSC rated Dewey’s a 3 which is our lowest rating so far. We felt it is a good concept, great service, and atmosphere but just something lacking in the pizza for the PSSC.

Pies & Pints – Worthington, Oh – 4.9.15

Thursday April 9th marked our 4th outing for the Pizza Snob Social Club.  We visited Pies & Pints in Worthington Square Mall.  We started the event with 7-10 members attending but quickly dwindled down to just 4 due to scheduling, working late and the weather. We started with the original wings with were coated in a dry rub.  I am normally not a wing fan, as in they tend to be more work than they are worth, but these wings were calling to me.  They smelled like summer and tasted like they were fresh of the grill. The rub had a kick but not overwhelming, the chicken was juicy and flavorful through and through.   So far, our experience was great.  The serve New Age wine, which is one of my favorite Spring/Summer wines, I shared with my new friend Mike.  We ordered 3 large pizzas and split different specialty types between the halves upon the suggestion of Emily, our server. The group ordered Sriracha Shrimp and Hot Mama, the Classic (a PSSC stand by) and Chicken Gouda-“Wendy Style” and the plain styles of Pesto and Margherita.  The pizzas took a little longer than we thought and by the time we started wondering where they were a couple managers made a table visit to let us know they should be right out.  I had a feeling they knew we were the Pizza Snobs, hence the special attention. When the pies got to the table they looked delicious and tasted just the same.  The crust was warm and doughy, fresh and buttery.  The chese melted perfectly and the the toppings genrous. I tried them all except the shrimp, considering I am allergic – eek – but my fellow Snobs enjoyed it. The pesto was my favorite and trust me I love pesto! Its hard to do right and Pies & Pints has the right combination.  We were all pleased with the Pies and so far it is the highest ranking in our total of 4 other locations. The service was great, the dinning room was a little loud but typical of a pub stuyle restaurant. We left happy and stufed and probably shared a litle too much information about our single person habits, haha. Overall we ranked it a 4.1.

Yellow Brick Pizza – Old town East – Columbus, Oh 2.19.15

For our second meeting, we became somewhat official with scorecards and progress on the member t-shirts. Of course Teresa and I were adamant to CD about getting women’s fit t-shirts, poor guy.  The weather was super cold, again, so I started with wine to warm me up and for no other reason, I promise. We met in Old Town East at the corner shop named Yellow Brick Pizza.  The feel of the place was very hip with a heavy side of neighborhood vibes.  There were couples, families, singles, and us the Pizza Snobs.  We welcomed a few new members that hadn’t attended Natalie’s, Dawn & Shannon.  We ordered drinks and secretly begged for quicker service.  Once they got to our table the staff was very attentive and friendly.  With our half orders along with all our “hold, that’s” and “add those” they accommodated very well.  I ordered my normal simple pizza but did half greek something or other. The cheese pizza had a terrific sauce with fat slices of mozzarella.  The crust was fresh and doughy.  Teresa and CD got their standard meaty pizza and seemed very happy.  Monique & Curt joined us a little later and ordered Classico which looked very yummy. As a group, we rated Yellow Brick an overall score of 4 using the new scorecards.


Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza -Worthington, Ohio 2.5.15

For my first meeting with the Pizza Snob Social Club, we went to Natalie’s in Worthington. I joined Cd and his IPA at the bar for a glass of wine since it was so cold out. The staff impressed me right away with their inviting nature.  The bartender had a cute fur, I assume faux, vest on that I made sure to compliment. She suggested a wine and I, of course, love recommendations so I ordered a glass, I believe it was $2 of for Happy Hour. Monique and Curt showed up shortly after I ordered my wine.  They were so cute and I loved Monique’s personality.  As the remaining members arrived we began to order pizza’s.  Teresa and CD seemed to have a definite plan, which I loved! Whenever I go to a new restaurant I like to order something simple  first before venturing off deep into the menu.  I ordered a cheese pizza and the other members ordered a variety.  All the pies were tasty. The ambience was family oriented with an opportunity for live music after 9pm. The service was consistent with he bar staff as he recommended his favourites. As a group, we rated Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza an overall score of 4. I was the perfect way to start the club. Looking forward to the next meeting -Yellow Brick Pizza – Old Town East.