It’s Official

When we look back at a year as it ends, it can sometimes feel like it had gone too fast, not enough could have been done or some may think “not a bad year”.  2017 brought so much light on my life and with light there is always darkness before.  I struggled with growth and betrayal in the early months and found refuge in the Spring, a renewal of sorts that drove me through the summer months that seemed to go too fast. As Fall approached I found my health challenged but listened as my body gave me the answers. With winter here, although the 50 degree days don’t show it, I have officially found a home.  I started as a Full Time Associate at Grange Insurance and today was my first official day after 6 months as a contracted employee.  I was told not much would change with my position or the respect I had been given by my team.  The feeling I had today walking the hallways felt different than the previous Monday.  I couldn’t place the feeling until my drive home tonight.  I felt gratitude, complete and true gratitude.  Every morning I wake and give thanks for my health, my family and my job – three time repeated to be sure the Gods and the universe hear me and more so that I hear myself.  I am grateful but I had not truly felt it in so very long.  As I made my way home tonight I thought of those who helped me get there and knew I needed to publicly and personally show the gratitude I felt today.

My former co-worker Angela, names not changed to highlight my deepest gratitude, whom I was instantly impressed by.  Angela’s style and grace, how she handled herself in a room, her intelligence, how she was the expert, and mostly her shoe collection.  She had a strict personal policy not to get too close with co-workers but I was sure to break her down, because I knew we were meant to know each other as friends.  She has a quiet strength and a rock n roll heart – which I love about her.  She guided me through tough waters as I found my own truth.  Although we only worked together 10 months before she went on to her next adventure and as I watch her family grow I give gratitude that I can call her Friend.  Thank you Angela for being my guide. Rise Sister Rise.

My current Boss Lady Stacey has seen something in me that I often hide and although it makes me shy to accept, I am grateful for an amazing opportunity.  When we first spoke on the phone I could sense that she was someone who would become an influence in my future path, I know that sounds a little enlightened but I remember feeling I will work with her. A couple weeks later, I was working with her.  Inspired by her powerful yet endearing way she can capture a room, her Boss nature, her curious brain that lets her be serious and silly at once, I especially liked her boot collection and her laugh is contagious.  As we are still growing our working relationship I am grateful to call her my mentor.  Stacey is not of the same nature as I am, she a proclaimed “I” and me a proven “E”, nor do we have similar backgrounds but there is a soulful connection that I have found in her.  I am unafraid to share my weaknesses as I know she supports me and guides me to find power in them.  She is a Boss and I love that about her.   More so I feel gratitude daily that she chose me to be on her team.  Thank you Stacey for reminding me that I am worthy, even if I am not perfect #8020rule

There are so many powerful women that have inspired me throughout my life including my close friends and my family.  Getting through this year without them would have been harder. As we compete against each other, mock those we don’t understand and pass those by without a hand up, I ask you to think of Angela & Stacey and how their genuine nature provided me a path to reaching my goals. Neither gave me a free pass but provided me a way to find strength within myself and taught me how to harness the power within me.

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