A New Challenge, New Goals

Today I started a new wellness challenge with my co-workers.  I have been working on my physical wellness and feel I have finally gotten over the plateau.  To give you a quick update I completed the Whole30, lost 14lbs, and gained a whole lot of education on my relationship with food and the importance of why good food choices are life changing. It has been 4 weeks after my experience and 1 stomach virus/complications from said stomach virus that started on my Cabo vacation and I am down another 8lbs. Even though I was ill for the last 2 weeks, I feel great now and ready to start my next 30 days. The good news is that I believe the cycle of losing and gaining has been broken.  As I see the cycle breaking I can feel my emotional wellness start changing too, surprising to me but not unexpected.  They, you know who “they” are, all say that if you exercise and eat healthy/clean all the depression and self doubt will go away.  HA, I have said over the past years. I can’t believe “they” told me so and I am here to share my experience with you.

For the next 30 days, which happen to line up nicely with Thanksgiving, I will be increasing my fitness game and continuing to eat a green, clean, healthy diet.  Largely based on plant proteins with very few grains and animal products.  Due to recent health issues I discovered I am not invincible and neither is my body.  I am grateful for having the willpower to get through my Whole30 because without it I would not have understood that what goes in your body is so very important not only for your physical wellness but for your emotional wellness.

I am so excited that my co-workers and my dear friend, and work-out partner, are coming along for this next 30 day challenge.  I hope I can provide some inspiration for my readers and show you that you are never too old, emotionally scarred, or too deep in the cycle to find your way out.  When you put on those skinny jeans you have been saving for 3 years thinking you will one day get in to them, I am proof you can! I did and you will!

2 thoughts on “A New Challenge, New Goals

  1. You got this, girl! I am mostly plant based now as well. Sleeping for me has improved and I now wake up feeling more energy ( especially on the nights that I do not have wine, beer or a margarita!)

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