Goals:Body: Phase 1 Complete

Today, is day 29!  I can say that the last 29 days have been filled with ups and downs.  As I think back to day 1, I feel the same energy as I do today excited and ready to start an adventure.  My brother in law and sister asked me if I felt different, I do but not in a mind blowing, oh my goodness I am a different person type of way.  I feel stronger emotionally.  I feel that food does not control me any longer.  I’m just beginning a journey that will take me to a healthier way of living.  My next 30 days will be filled with many more ups and downs and I am ready for the challenge.  I hear over and over it is mental strength that gets us to our goals.  The Whole30 challenge gave me the will power and mental strength to make good choices.  I am 30 days ahead of the game, my relationship with food has moved out of the honeymoon stage and into a real relationship.  I can’t wait to use what I have learned, to design a health and fitness routine that fits me.  We are provided with so many options it can be overwhelming. Challenging yourself to improve on the hardest thing, mine was emotional attachment to food, can sometimes kick start the forward motion we all crave.  I imagine you have said the same things I said all those times I attempted to get healthy before my Whole30 challenge…”if only I could get motivated” “if only I could find a work out routine that I enjoyed” “if only I didn’t love and appreciate good food” “if only I wasn’t so busy”.  All these “if only” statements kept me from the reality that I was not educated on why I couldn’t change.  I didn’t want to look in the mirror and tell Jill I could be better, healthier and oh dear…happier, she didn’t know that was possible because I never taught her how!  It is like knowing the answer but not having the confidence to SPEAK UP , SPEAK OUT, Change your life!  Those “if only” statements don’t exist for me anymore I have replaced them with “I AM motivated” “I WILL find a work-out routine by doing it” “I CAN still appreciate good food” “I HAVE found the time to make my health a priority”.  With the help of the Whole 30 Challenge, texts and messages from supportive family and friends I have learned how to change my life.  I have educated myself on the reality of food and the reality that I am stronger than my inner voice that begs for one piece of cheese, one glass of wine, one bite of a Cheeto! She doesn’t get to make those choices anymore. I have learned so much during the last 29 days, the hardest lesson wasn’t cutting food out, it was loving myself enough to eat the right food.

So, what comes after Whole 30? The book says to slowly introduce the dairy, sugar and grains back into your diet over the next week.  I will be a rebel and not do that. Don’t get me wrong I respect the process and respect what Whole30 has done but I will be enjoying a celebratory Taco Tuesday with a margarita!  But after Tuesday it goes back to business as usual, Whole30 compliant breakfasts, lunches, and dinners paired with a tough work out routine!  I still have that White Bikini to get into before 9/29! I still have a bigger goal, a why, a reason to continue to live Whole30.  Just because I will enjoy some cheese and wine from time to time doesn’t mean that white bikini goal gets wasted! I mean that bikini is so cute!  I hope to inspire and encourage you to choose your hardest thing that holds you back and challenge yourself! If you can stick to it for 30 days – I promise you will only gain positive movement and, maybe like me, the ability to have a grown up relationship with yourself!

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