Goals: Body

It is the end of day 13 and to my surprise I have fared very well!  My smaller white bikini should arrive on Monday which will mark my half way point – what better motivation than that!  There were times this week that I wanted to quit, cheat, drink that bottle of rose´ in my fridge or even a swig of IBC Black Cherry soda but I didn’t.  I keep picturing myself as I feel.  I feel healthy, happier, and lighter in some places.  I made an amazing sausage sweet potato egg bake that lasted me all week for breakfast – my hardest meal.  I enjoyed baked chicken and veggies for lunch and even went to a happy hour where I enjoyed some tortilla, and cheese free steak fajita tacos.  Happy hour was rather a challenge considering it was my favorite place for margaritas. My willpower has surpassed my expectations.  I still have this feeling of looming failure, almost like I am waiting to fail. Each day I get up and wonder if today will be the day I give up on my goal.  It hasn’t happened yet so I’m staying strong.  I want to thank all of you who have offered words of encouragement and support! Having you all to hold me accountable has given me the will to stick to it.  Today I will start planning what happens AFTER Whole30. Other than enjoying a taco and margarita from time to time I am not sure my eating habits will change much from Whole30. Incorporating my new habits and a few of my favorite old habits I will be ready to start a new routine.  Phase 2 will be the real work and I think I am ready, I have 15 days to get ready.  A new adventure a new goal a new transition to an improved me.

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