Goals: Body

I’ve officially set out on my 2 year goals.  Dating, Body, Mind & Business.  Officially,  I started my dating goals first because they will take the most time and have the most risk.  My body goal needed to be a close second because it was going to take me into some rough territory, emotionally.  This goal has been fueled by a visualization exercise I had back in March where I saw my future self in an amazing white bikini, much older but still with a great healthy body.  It was also motivated by a recent conversation with my Mom whom I seemed to have mirrored many aspects of my life.  I had a wake up call, followed by many signs form the universe to get my bubble butt in gear.

On July 10th I started my Whole30 challenge.  It is currently day 6 and I feel…good.  I have been relaxing all weekend, which 3 week ago means ordering greasy pizza to cure my Friday Happy Hour hang-over.  Instead I got up early did some chores and caught up on some Leo snuggle time.  I am slowly starting to see my energy pick up but decided to really focus on my predicted nap days.  I ordered some healthy groceries from Prime Now and have tried increasing my water intake when I feel a hunger pain. According to the program if you are craving something you should identify what feelings you are having, which at first sounded a little fruity but once I embraced it I didn’t crave those…I can’t really even say it or I will start craving it.  I am looking forward to challenging my body and mind to accomplish the goal I have set out.CYY569


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