139, 138, 137 -Mind & Body

Sunday was a great say even though i didn’t do much other than some housework.  I started to look up pizza places to order and I decided against it since I had so many yummy things in my fridge.  I felt like snacking so I made some healthy black bean hummus.  I was pretty dehydrated due to some wine with family to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday. It was a great night and I almost feel a shift happening in the family, for the better.

Monday started slow but I got busy somewhat early doing some errands. I did a ton of reorganizing in my closet, bathroom and attempted to start my kitchen.  It really does pay when you set yourself up for success. After cleaning my bathroom I felt lighter, and when I walked into my closet today I felt a sense of peace. I also  purchased a year long membership for the local yoga studio – GoYoga- I am slightly obsessed with one of the instructors, she always says the thing I need to hear.  Or maybe I need to hear the things the instructors say, either way I had intended to go Monday  afternoon but I delayed due to the progress I was making with the house items. Imaintained good eating habits and am starting to crave the good foods after a few weeks of buying clean items. I grilled up some steelhead trout and popped a pork tenderloin in the crock pot for dinner – carnitas tostada with tons of avacodo – and big accomplishment of the day – no sour cream! I thought about running out but I resisted or rather talked myself out of knowing it would turn into a bing of sour cream and anything I could dip in it.

Tuesday(today) was good, I got up early but there was some snow making traffic jams and school closings.  I immediately cancelled my yoga class and crawled back in bed. 10 minutes later I was up recheduled my class and started the coffee while I chugged a bottle of water. I started my car bundeld up and braved the winter weather advisory. The class was small but it was great for my first time back after a year.  I struggled but I purchased a new mat so now I have to go everyday this week to earn my investment.  I will be looking forward to attending classes afterwork at the downtown location. My goal was to come home make a healthy lunch (pulled pork romain salad), shower and continue the laundry I started yesterday. After lunch and shower I felt sick to my stomach. I laid down for an hour to relax my anxious belly and made sure to hydrate considering the buckets of water I sweated out this morning. I wanted to start reading Oola today since I had a great mental restart at yoga this morning. Its 8pm now so looks like I will be diving in before bed and then in place of yoga tomorrow, just because I have some scheduling conflicts, I will read the book or as much as I can before 10am. I leave you now to fill my water bottle again and change my laundry I never finished earlier. How quickly your goals change with the events of the day.

  •  Tuesday January 12, 2016 (Happy Birthday Mom!)
    • Weight 218lbs/BMI 57%



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