148 – A New Day

Well we all woke up a little weary this morning, atleast the majority of the people in my circle.  I have never been one to hide a great night of fun.  I proudly celebrate my hangovers and most of the time cherish the memories I made while working on said hangover.  Last night was great fun shared with such great friends, some new, some old some I’ve met a dozen times and just realized how much we had in common.  Ringing in 2016 felt much different than past years, I am filled with motivation and positivity.  I usually only make resolutions on my birthday so I guess starting this project kind of coincides with those resolutions as well.

My brother in law got a FitBit for Christmas so we have been challenging each other all week to get the steps in.  Its a great motivator to have someone keeping you in check. I didn’t get close to my step goal today and I forgot to weigh myself this morning mostly because I could hardly get my head through the bathroom door.  Even though my food choices were not the greatest I was moderate with my helpings of mashed potaotes, even though I could have eaten the whole bowl, and I loaded up on the pork and sauerkraut.  I had a chocolate square for dessert instead of a piece of cake I probably would not have liked anyway.

While I am writing this I am watching Dives, Diners & Drive Ins with my sister and brother in law.  These Food Network shows are a problem, all I want to do is cook and eat!  My somach is growling just thinking how good the pork belly mac’n’cheese would be. Be strong Jill, be strong! Besides I think Oprah might be watching.

  • Friday January 1, 2016
    • Weight unknown/BMI probably 58% still


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