150 -Shopping

Retail therapy always helps me tunr a bad day into a great day especially if I find that perfect baby pink top, or that right necklace to wear with that shirt I bought weeks ago.  There are days thet the retail therapy goes terribly wrong.  Today was not the case I did find that perfect pink top and although it wasn’t a necklace i did find a very cute headband. When I was shopping today I parked far out as possible to get a few more steps and tried to be unefficient in my selections of stores.  As I walked from one end of the mall to the next going in and out of stores I saw cute items I imagined I could wear in a few months. This was definitly motivating to keep strong in my project.

It is the last Wednesday of the year and  am anxious for what 2016 will bring. I am praying for strength to get through the holiday without letting my ego get the best of me. She constantly convinces me I am beautiful just the way I am, damn her anyway!

  • Wednesday December 30, 2016
    • Weight 219 lbs/BMI 58%




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