152 – The Oprah factor

Today I woke up to the sound of rain pounding on my window and my 6 month old kitten trying to snuggle up to me.  I did not want to get out of bed, and I didn’t for another 20 minutes.  It’s Monday and although I have this project running through my brain constantly I felt unmotivated to exercise today.  One thing that I have failed at in the past is feeling guilty for not meeting my goals when I hadn’t attempted to make them attainable.  I told myself not to impose guilt this early and to maintain positive thinking. I will be honest and admit I did not feel positive until about 5pm, of course that was when I heard the Oprah Weight Watchers commercial for about the 4th time and something clicked – thanks Oprah! #thestruggleisreal

I was able to cross some items off my list including taking down and putting away my christmas decor, reorganizing my Young Living Essential oils and supplies, dishes, and laundry.  As I finished off my sacred sour cream and the yummy Christmas dinner left overs I still maintained my calorie goals with plenty to spare at 9pm,  I also threw out some cookies I had been eating just not to waste them, I didn’t even like them so I knew it was time to part with them.  Although I only met my step goals halfway, I did get a good arm and ab work out in. I struggled a little with water intake today but 8 out of 10 cups will have to be okay for the first day of many first days.

I did start a dry brushing routine tonight for my evening shower, apparently it is supposed to help flush fat and toxins from your body by stimulating the blood cells.  After some research I decided to try it and if anything it will help soften my skin for the winter months ahead.

As the great Buddah has taught me, “Each day we are born new” so Tuesday should be great!  I will hope to meet and exceed my step goal tomorrow but I will need to be sure I maintain good eating habits. Eventhough I didn’t kill myself at the gym today, it was a success, I know that this journey will not be easy and there will be days that require me to refocus.  As Oprah told me today, its not always about eating healthy and exercise, there is always something holding us back in our minds, if not today then when.

  • Monday December 28, 2016
    • Weight 220/BMI 58%
    • Total loss: 2lbs

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