Taranto’s Pizzeria – Lewis Center – 10.29.15

I have picked up the Pizza Snob Social Club again after missing a few outings due to school and vacation.  I meet the guys for pizza last Thursday at a place I have passed probably a thousand times in the past few years. Located near the intersection of Polaris Parkway and Old State Road in Oak Creek Shopping Center, Taranto’s offers a cozy dining room.  When I walked in I immediately could smell the pizza cooking, what a wonderful smell. I joined the Club and caught up with the latest news of the day. We decided to order some appetizers upon our server;s suggestion and I went with the fried pickles, of course, and Dwayne ordered garlic bread with cheese.  The appetizers came out quick and tasted delicious. The pickles had a little kick, which was great, and the garlic bread was soft and buttery. Our final member of the night arrived and we got down to business – the Pizza Snob selections!

We ordered our 2 regular pizzas a meaty (Meaty Works) and a cheesy (5-Cheese) and then we threw in a wild card Buffalo Chicken on their original thin crust. We chatted some more while we waited or our slices and before we knew it they were there in front of us.  The appearance was great, puffy crust, golden brown cheese, toppings evenly spread.  we started in on each of our favorites and not much was said.  There was an “Oh this is good” and a “I think this may be better than the best we have had” and “so and so has a Buffalo pizza but this is 10 times better”. Overall, the pizza hit every mark, the service was great and the atmosphere was friendly, although I did detect “Silent night” playing in the background.

Taranto’s has a great menu and the prices are reasonable, especially for the quality of the food. They offer a few beers on draft, a few bottles, and, the server did say they should be getting wine soon, which would have made my experience better. We didn’t score this one, but I feel I speak for the others when I  say 4.5 stars all around!

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