Looking For My Purpose

After watching a recent video blog, I was given a question regarding my purpose. What was my purpose? This is a question I have asked countless times throughout my life and still at 36 am not any closer to finding the meaning. From one year to the next I find myself questioning how I choose to live my life.  I often question what my true purpose is in career, love, social and health and I am where I’m supposed to be? Did I miss out on my big break? Am I getting too old to live the life I want? All these questions bubble up from time to time.  My wheels started turning on Monday, but I have to be honest they have been turning since the beginning of the year.  Last year was filled with exciting events including a lot of successes. Some successes were starting school again, finding a future in my job, selling my beater Civic Frankie in turn buying a used CRV from my parents, affording new furniture to match my redecorated living room.  Last year was also filled with a few lessons which included, injuring myself playing kickball, cutting ties with some friends, and surviving a CAT3 Hurricane while on vacation. I have to admit it was an exciting year and 2015 continued with the same feelings. I travelled to 3 places I had never been before, learned some great things at a conference and caught up with a cherished in law.

So now it is August, almost September, and I am wondering where that excitement went? I can feel that it may be right around the corner but knowing what “it” may be is harder than it seems.  How does one find their dream if they like so many things?

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