Giammarco’s Pizza & Pasta – Westerville, Ohio – 5.14.15

This past Thursday the Pizza Snobs attended their 6th outing at Giammarco’s Pizza & Pasta in Westerville.  Tucked away in its own little garden of Eden Giammarco’s sits off Rt 3 just beyond the battling strip malls on the corners of Maxtown and Polaris Parkway. Away from the hustle and bustle we decided to enjoy the vast patio equipped with a live 2 man band, lush greenery, bocce and TV’s to keep an eye on the Cavs. As our group rapidly grew from 5 to 8 we became “those people” who moved from table to table, rearranged chairs and even made the staff wheel, or drag until she discovered the wheels (haha), the outdoor heating elements closer to warm the shoulders of Shawnee, Fernando & Dwayne. This was an epic event as we welcomed 5 new Snobs.

Describing our server as “great” wouldn’t do Sam justice, she was excellent, attentive, funny, and quite accommodating with our complicated orders and check split by 7.  Sam was top-notch just like the rest of the staff. Our bartender Cali was quick with wine suggestions and tastings, she even stopped by the table to make sure everything was going great. The manager Joe, we assumed due to his authoritative attire and friendly table check, ordered dessert for the table.  Even though we were stuffed with pizza it was hard to say no to warm fried dough covered in sugar dipped in chocolate, I’m pretty sure we all took home a few sweet treats for breakfast this morning.

The true test was the pizza.  Shawnee, self-proclaimed local, suggested the Traditional which was square cut and by far won the majority vote. While the group enjoyed the onions and sausage and I think peppers, Teresa and I settled on our old standbys, mushroom & bacon, and Margherita pizzas, pie cut. I usually love the Margherita wherever I go but tonight my heart went with the mushroom & bacon on a thinner crust, which Sam helped us pick out. The sauce was flavorful, the cheese melted and the toppings were cooked but not over cooked, an important task when dealing with fresh mushrooms. The crust was doughy yet crispy in all the right places. Overall the pizza was great. PSSC ranked them an overall 4.7, the highest rating so far.

As we discussed our reasons behind each score, mixed with side conversations about wine, ex-boyfriends, the Cavs and new adventures I felt some new life was put back into our snobbish club, it was a true social club.  I feel I can speak for our President and Vice President when I say that this outing is what they saw when starting Pizza Snob Social Club. New friends, old friends, pizza, and love.

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