Dewey’s Pizza – Olde Worthington, Oh – 4.30.15

Thursday April 30, 2015 marked out 5th outing for Pizza Snob Social Club.  We visited Dewey’s and due to the low turn out we decided to sit at the bar. The bartender, Justin, was really great.  He was patient and attentive and sad to say was the best part of the trip. We ordered our usual spread, a meat pizza, a specialty, a cheese and a wild card.  The Margherita pizza was by far the favorite due to the buttery garlic sauce on the pie. CD ordered the Bronx Bomber and Teresa modified it a little (without some of the veggies AKA meat pizza with mushrooms).  We all kind of laughed when the pizza arrived. The Bronx Bomber looked sad, the raw veggies didn’t stay on the pizza since the dough wasn’t thick enough to hold the weight.  The modified pie was a different story we liked the bacon crumbles and the mushrooms, but there was still something missing from all the pies.

The service was on par.  Justin was great and even the manager, I presume, helped our 3 croutons on a split salad dilemma and brought a few out for us. The atmosphere was good too, the dining room had enough space and accommodated the guests well. Overall the PSSC rated Dewey’s a 3 which is our lowest rating so far. We felt it is a good concept, great service, and atmosphere but just something lacking in the pizza for the PSSC.

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