Pies & Pints – Worthington, Oh – 4.9.15

Thursday April 9th marked our 4th outing for the Pizza Snob Social Club.  We visited Pies & Pints in Worthington Square Mall.  We started the event with 7-10 members attending but quickly dwindled down to just 4 due to scheduling, working late and the weather. We started with the original wings with were coated in a dry rub.  I am normally not a wing fan, as in they tend to be more work than they are worth, but these wings were calling to me.  They smelled like summer and tasted like they were fresh of the grill. The rub had a kick but not overwhelming, the chicken was juicy and flavorful through and through.   So far, our experience was great.  The serve New Age wine, which is one of my favorite Spring/Summer wines, I shared with my new friend Mike.  We ordered 3 large pizzas and split different specialty types between the halves upon the suggestion of Emily, our server. The group ordered Sriracha Shrimp and Hot Mama, the Classic (a PSSC stand by) and Chicken Gouda-“Wendy Style” and the plain styles of Pesto and Margherita.  The pizzas took a little longer than we thought and by the time we started wondering where they were a couple managers made a table visit to let us know they should be right out.  I had a feeling they knew we were the Pizza Snobs, hence the special attention. When the pies got to the table they looked delicious and tasted just the same.  The crust was warm and doughy, fresh and buttery.  The chese melted perfectly and the the toppings genrous. I tried them all except the shrimp, considering I am allergic – eek – but my fellow Snobs enjoyed it. The pesto was my favorite and trust me I love pesto! Its hard to do right and Pies & Pints has the right combination.  We were all pleased with the Pies and so far it is the highest ranking in our total of 4 other locations. The service was great, the dinning room was a little loud but typical of a pub stuyle restaurant. We left happy and stufed and probably shared a litle too much information about our single person habits, haha. Overall we ranked it a 4.1.

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