The Little Wins

I hadn’t thought about him since I decided to end all communication, well until last night.  I think it’s interesting when people cross your mind and when they appear.  He floated in just as fast as he floated out so it made me think about how upset I was in the past when I realized this wasn’t for me.  I think it must have been that he really wasn’t for me but like a favorite sweatshirt or jeans that make you feel invincible he was that guy I would run to when I had nothing else.  I know that sounds insulting and I hate to admit that it was the truth. I didn’t miss him, I didn’t crave to be with him and when I thought of him driving home last night I didn’t even have a negative feeling for him.  I had officially crossed over to indifference. I should have been elated, but I was harbouring other stresses in my life that wouldn’t permit me to rejoice in my accomplishments.  This morning I made a decision that I would find inner peace with the tension I felt and find that happiness that peeked through at the beginning of the year. It was hard today, but I will mark today down as a win, especially when I was repeatedly asked to assist in how the phone worked, email and how to print in color – all areas of my expertise! I felt like I would really move forward now in my career goals knowing that I was the “go-to gal” once again! Or maybe I had never stopped being the “go-to gal” but had taken a vacation during my time in my promoted position.  I had to look for the little wins again if I was going to succeed in my enlightenment phase I had started at the beginning of the year. So far, I was 2 for 2. Winning over my feelings from Mr. Achilles and winning at having rediscovered my super administrative talents.  It was only Wednesday and I had another 2 days to look forward to.

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