Days Like This

Do you ever have days when you can’t quite remember leaving the house or driving into work, but you know you did it because you’re at work racking your brain about your drive in? I usually always remember my drive in considering I have an episode, whether small or dramatic, of road rage at some point during my commute.  Today and for the past few days I must be having some major internal thoughts that have consumed my normal routines. I realized this yesterday when I was laying in the dentist chair speaking with my Dentist, upside down, about some stress I might me having.  I thought longer than I needed to about this and decided that yes I have had a little more stress than normal and yes I probably have been grinding my teeth because of it. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I walked into my apartment while speaking with my mother regarding a top secret party.  Ater hanging up the phone feeling frustrated for no other reason that our communication has been strained, I looked around for my lunch bag.  After searching high and low in my luxurious 750sqft one bedroom apartment, I was puzzled. Did I bring the bag in? What did I do with it? Am I just not seeing it?  Did I put away the items I brought home? Low and behold I discovered the bag still in my car. I was distracted, but this was how I was feeling the whole week.  I could not place what I could be thinking of other than the task at hand.  I knew I had been down lately and whether that was due to the long winter or if it was due to the lack of apparent love in my life. I needed some clarity and motivation if I was ever going to snap out of it so, I booked my trip to my favorite place in the world and started counting down the days until I would bask in the magical sun of Cabo San Lucas. Now the hard part, how to make 220 days not seem like an eternity.

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