Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza -Worthington, Ohio 2.5.15

For my first meeting with the Pizza Snob Social Club, we went to Natalie’s in Worthington. I joined Cd and his IPA at the bar for a glass of wine since it was so cold out. The staff impressed me right away with their inviting nature.  The bartender had a cute fur, I assume faux, vest on that I made sure to compliment. She suggested a wine and I, of course, love recommendations so I ordered a glass, I believe it was $2 of for Happy Hour. Monique and Curt showed up shortly after I ordered my wine.  They were so cute and I loved Monique’s personality.  As the remaining members arrived we began to order pizza’s.  Teresa and CD seemed to have a definite plan, which I loved! Whenever I go to a new restaurant I like to order something simple  first before venturing off deep into the menu.  I ordered a cheese pizza and the other members ordered a variety.  All the pies were tasty. The ambience was family oriented with an opportunity for live music after 9pm. The service was consistent with he bar staff as he recommended his favourites. As a group, we rated Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza an overall score of 4. I was the perfect way to start the club. Looking forward to the next meeting -Yellow Brick Pizza – Old Town East.

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